My passion for photography was born about eight years ago when I took my first SLR fascinated by the world of photography. Initially I experimented by photographing a bit of everything, but without finding a real way, in fact I soon got tired and put my camera in the drawer. Three years later I took it back in my hand after being fascinated by photos of those beautiful landscapes with warm and colorful lights. Through the countless videos on YouTube and material on the internet I began to learn and become passionate about what is now my true passion, landscape photography. I have always been passionate about the landscape and nature, I have always loved walking in the mountains and the sea, and the fact of being able to immortalize these places at certain times of the day with a photograph is something wonderful. Initially I was inspired by the photographers I admired the most, then slowly I found my style and the way to describe in my own way what I photographed. Over time I have acquired various techniques to give a personal impression to the work I did, for example panoramic photography and night photography: a world previously unknown to me, it seemed impossible to me to be able to shoot at night in low light conditions and at the limit of eye vision. Now I love the fact of discovering a new place and being able to plan what I already have in mind such as photographing it, reaching it, composing the scene, waiting for the right light. Or wait until night to photograph the Milky Way. It is in these moments, when I am alone with my camera, surrounded by nature, that I feel at peace. I would call my photographic style "fine-art landscape": I love working my photographs to give it that personal imprint without distorting it. Currently photography is not my main activity, I am a coachbuilder. It is still a great passion that I hope, one day, can become my job. For now it has brought me a lot of satisfaction: I managed to win photo contests and see incredible places, but all this with effort and dedication. I hope it's just the beginning of this beautiful journey.
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